Quilcene Bay Reports?

I'm headed over to Hood Canal this weekend. Fished by the WDFW offices over the summer many times for SRC. Haven't been over for a couple weeks due to the bridge closures. Any sign of the silver's yet? I'd heard that they are late this year....


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the bay and river are pretty much dead. a few fish in the bay but we didnt see any in the river when we checked it out 4 days ago

Bob Triggs

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A fly fisherman friend told me that he and his fishing buddy he did well on opening day there, on flies, very early a.m. into sunrise. The wardens were there checking on things too- in force. I have seen what I believe to be a few early Quilcene fish already, over a month ago.

Jim Kerr

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Some there and some on the way, we hit three there the other morning on the low tide change, nice size fish, 7 pounds plus. Got one silver and one pink at the bombing range this morning, only there for about an hour, and didn't get there early.
Good Luck
Quilcene Bay Report

After a fun week fishing close-in Seattle area beaches before and after work last week, I was pumped for a chance to go over the the Canal this weekend and put in some quality time on the water. Last year at this time the rivers were full of summer chum and the silvers were just hitting fresh water.

Unfortunatley, the trip was a bust. Fished over a half dozen beaches in the central Canal over the weekend. I was up before daybreak both days and fished past 10 am. The morning tides were great. Fished the same flies that worked in town during the week...but nothing. Not even a sculpin or 6" cutt. I saw very few fish. I only saw a half dozen or so pinks and one big chum in the river. Fished both Friday and Saturday evenings at the beach at Pt Whitney till dark, saw one fish roll about 100 yards out. That's it. Should have stayed at home!

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