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6' LingHunt Pole Spear. Spear has been used once (in freshwater) and is in great shape. There are a few small blemishes/scuffs. Rubber on the spear has always been kept in the fridge, but it is a few years old, so it may be best to replace.

The pole spear is 6' and breaks down into 3 pieces (as seen in photos). The spear is built like a tank and is 5/8" in diameter. The spear has a knurled grip, which makes it much easier to load spear and hold onto band when spear is loaded. Comes with a small plastic bag with a few spare rubber o rings and zip ties. This spear is more than capable of taking down lingcod, carp, etc.

Asking $200. Located in Bonney Lake, WA. Willing to ship if buyer pays shipping.


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