Looking for a 9'6" 6wt to add to my quiver.


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I am looking to fill a gap in my current set up. I plan on using this rod for Nymphing/streamers, still water, SH Spey, small mouth and sea-run cuts on the coast. I am kinda leaning toward either the SAGE Sonic 697 or the Orvis Recon 966 and staying in the mid priced range. I am also open to stepping up to a 10' rod given what I am going to use it for. With the advances in rod design and construction 10' doesn't mean heavy and inaccurate any more. I look forward to any feed back.



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If you build or know someone who builds rods, I have a brand new 9'6" 6wt Sage Igniter blank that I am selling under cost.


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Red's Fly Shop has a great setup on sale with a Sage Pulse 691-4 combo. I have a Pulse 5 Wt that I've been really enjoying, seems like a great rod for the price.

The 6 WT has been on my radar to add to my quiver for a streamer and smallmouth rod.


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For the 5-6 years I’ve been streamer fishing with nothing under a 9’6” out of a drift boat. I use a 9’6” One 7wt and a 10’ Z-axis 6wt. Feel like it’s a good fit for me and in a boat when two guys are throwing meat. I’ve cast the Recon line and think they fish very well with streamers. I also think the Sage Foundation in a 9’6” 6 fishes far above its price range.


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I sold all my 10’ rods.
Just never enjoyed fishing them as much as the 9’6” or 9’ footers.
Lots of good value options from Redington, Echo or TFO if you’d like duplicates or different length options for the same dollars versus a single rod of the models you mentioned.

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