FS SOLD - Blue Ribbon Flies Assortment

Bob G

SOLD - This Assortment of 105 Flies contains many of the Great Fly Patterns developed and tied by Blue Ribbon Flies Shop in West Yellowstone, MT, and were all purchased from Blue RibbonFlies. Included in the Assortment are: 34 each Sparkle Duns and Improved Sparkle Duns; 23 each Sparkle Dun Emergers; 11 each Floating Nymphs; 4 each Emerging Nymphs; 10 each Iris Caddis; 9 each Serendipities (Brown & Crystal); 6 each Yellow Sallies; 5 each Gulp Beetles; and, 3 each Improved Killer Bees. This Assortment includes an Orvis Waterproof Fly Box (adjustable compartments). Please see the pictures below, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



Thank You, Bob
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