NFR RIP Henry Aaron


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Hammering Hank! Got to watch him hit one into the bleachers at Wrigley. It was great when he broke the record.
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The amazing thing about him is he did it all without drugs !!
He also did it as a black man breaking Babe Ruth’s record in the early 70’ the Deep South. I cannot imagine what he and his family were dealing with off the field. They made a movie about how stressful it was for Maris to top Mantles single season record and the garbage he put up with. I imagine that was not even in the same ballpark (excuse the pun) of what Hank Aaron dealt with. Amazing feat. Might be the best hitter ever to play the game.


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Class act.
As a young kid growing up in the south in the 70s playing little league ball, he was one of my idols.

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