Skagit and Sauk Steelhead Fishery to Open

Bryce Levin

Active Member
There will be a season on the Skagit and Sauk February 1 - April 15, Saturday - Monday. Selective gear, with fishing from a boat being legal except under power on the Skagit.

I think this is great new for the steelhead community. A small glimmer of hope and a great outlet to take some pressure of the coast. It's nice to have some good news for a change!


Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
Shootings, tweakers, break ins. MMA battles at hippie bar. Sasquatch, bears...
....Wolves, Atlantic Salmon.
... Getting low holed by that one guide. Hero Shots, vloggers and big time fish bros.
..."Oh sorry didn't see you there upstream of me".
...Light blue mustangs.
...Montana license plates. Orvis-endorsed plug pullers.
...That one dude who brings a 5wt and throws a parachute adams. "Shit, forgot my purple hazes".
..."Accidentally" motoring up the Sauk before dawn.
... A burned out RV that someone still lives in.
...Casting spoons on a 13 weight. Chuck and duck bead egg nymphing.
...The smell of pro-cure smelly jelly in the morning.
...That one random salmonfly that lands on your jacket in mid-April.
...Pre-dawn marathons over the hump and through the garbage to be there at first light.
...Skating black and blue egg-sucking mousetruders with glow in the dark flashabou... before first light.
...Someone peddling crack-meth at Howard Miller then ransacking your car when you don't buy any.
...Euro nymphing hevi-beads out of a helicopter.

Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
Multi stage composite loop bobber is the way to go. Its three bobbers, evenly spaced with yarn in between each. I like orange, white, pink, with chartreuse yarn. Killer setup. Swings real good.
I use a Heddon Super Spook with a pink worm and a bead dropper tied off the rear treble. Really good dry dropper action. Sometimes throw in a twitch. Hope this helps.

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