Skagit and Sauk Steelhead Fishery to Open

Bryce Levin

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Steelhead are still on a path to extinction coast wide. Enjoy!
Yes, this is true. I don’t think, and either do the feds, that this sport fishery will contribute to further decline. They are capping the impacts at 782 fish, with a 10% mortality projected at 78 fish... which is arguably high.

It’s good news for a change. Not to mention that escapement is projected at 500 or so fish higher than last year which is a 10% increase in run size. I’m going to focus on the positives my man.


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The Skagit and Sauk have the potential to change the way we manage our fisheries, the fact that they are open again is the best news possible. I was actually depressed last year when we got the news that there would be no CnR season.

I'm really interested to see what happens to the run sizes as we put more distance between those wicked droughts of 2015/2016.

Fingers crossed that the Skagit system continues to kick out more good news, the steelhead could use some, and so could the wild men that chase them with feathers.

As mentioned above, there really isn't anything better than working down a run on a sunny spring day with Whitehorse, Three Fingers, and Baker putting on a show on the horizon.

So happy.

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