New “Grass & Glass”

Steve Kokita

7’9” five weight made with bamboo butt/mid and a fiberglass tip section. Fiberglass ferrule at the butt to mid and slip over tip to mid. Wrapped with vintage zebra green/black thread (thanks Nick) color preserved with watered down Threadmaster One, then one finish coat of high build Threadmaster. Shopkeeper cork reelseat darkened with a dark wood wax. Three types of wood in the mortised grip. Add a Hardy and some willing trout!!
7926D3E7-38B7-4EA1-8DFC-ABB7CC650044.jpeg 24E2832E-99C4-4EC1-B710-8F8E2746C88C.jpeg
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Your truck needs a good washing and waxing. JK - The rod is very innovative, to say the least! I'd like to cast it (with a fly and indicator) and feel a tug! Very cool Steve!

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