Skagit and Sauk to open for spring C&R


Best news of the year and it won't be beat.

There is NOTHING in the world of fly-fishing as special as swinging for steelhead in March/April on the Skagit and Sauk.

Good way to make sure there are more eyes on the river too, you know there are plenty of locals who have had themselves a little decade long plunking party despite the closure.


CCA, Hatchery Wild Coexist
ya lets look out for each other’s vehicles/property. Might have to borrow a side arm just for the occasion since I can’t lug a 12 foot rod & rifle around. Do like a light shooter say a .40 semi or 38 ? Those darn colt 45s we had in the army were so heavy and kicked like a mule I guess that’s why all the helicopter pilots chose to carry 38s.

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