FS SOLD - SIMMS Winter Package: Mittens, Gloves, and Neck Gaiter

Bob G

SOLD - These past years models Mittens, Gloves and Neck Gaiter are for sale because I purchased the Simms 2021 versions. These COLD WEATHER Mittens and Gloves are in Excellent Plus Condition (worn only a couple of hours) and the Neck Gaiter is New and Unused. Please see the picture below.

MITTENS: Simms 2-in-1 Mittens and Half-Finger Gloves with a Stowable Fleece-Lined Over Mitt and Thumb that snaps back to prevent line snag, with Pairing Snaps, size medium.

GLOVES: Simms Full Gloves are also Half-Finger Gloves with Fleece-Lined Over Finger and Thumb Tips that hang back, TPU Palm Overlays for enhanced durability and grip, size medium.

NECK GAITER: Simms Neck Gaiter is Windproof, Breathable -Gore Tex, has Laser Cut Breathing Holes, and is Soft Fleece-Lined.


PACKAGE PRICE: $45 (Retail price is $160) + shipping.

Thank You, Bob

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