FS 4PC 6WT 9 1/2FT FLY ROD BUILDING KIT, 2 TIPS......$62.00 free US shipping.


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Tell me this won't work in Washington state. Free US shipping, pay with Paypal.

Up for sale is a new IM6 4 piece, 6 weight, 9 foot 6 inch fly rod blank with two tips, gunsmoke gray aluminum and a spalted burl wood insert, detachable 1 inch fighting butt burled at each end. AAA grade fulls wells cork grip also burled at both ends. It also comes with gunsmoke gray snake guides with enough guides for both tips, a hook keep along with a winding check.

The rod size is written on the blank and the rod sock.

The blank is IM6 4 Piece, 6 Weight, 9 Foot 6 Inches. It comes with 2 tips. The blank color is dull matte black. These quality kits were purchased directly from the manufacture with no brand name attached. It has a medium-fast action. Each section is 30 1/4 inches in length. My digital shipping scales says the blank alone weighs 2.2 ounces. These blanks are smooth all the way to the tip.

The reel seat has a spalted burl wood insert with the metal being gunsmoke gray aluminum. The reel seat has two knurled rings for tightening. The reel seat picture is a representative sample of what you will get. It is not the actual seat you will get. Color variation from one seat to another does not vary much. The reel seat is round and comes with an end cap. The hood will be recessed into the cork grip. This reel seat is uploading.

Also included is a gunsmoke gray stainless steel snake guide set. The inserts on the stripping guides are ceramic. Along with the tip top is a hook-keep and a winding check. The feet on the stripping guides have been ground but the snake guides have not.

The full wells grip is AAA grade and 7 inches long and burled at each end. The grip has a plastic shrink wrap protective covering. The one inch detachable fighting butt is also burled at each end.

It comes with a rod sock.


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