FS 3 Sage rods for sale

Justin mitchell

Active Member
Sage SPL, 2 weight, 8 ft 2 in, this is the one where the reel is attached to the rod, in great condition, come with appropriate line, $ 675 shipped in US.
8FADB083-57DA-4EC1-A4DB-0A615471E52A.jpeg 4A1A0EEA-D744-4AAD-A41F-CF039CCC3A50.jpeg

Sage 6113RPL, 6 weight line, 11 ft 3 inch long, 2 piece single hand rod, this is not a switch or Spey rod, it is a single hand rod for overhead casting, would make a nice beach rod, in like new condition, $350 shipped in US,
FB7D2C2B-F311-41C9-9477-74B6F6728E0C.jpeg 19282061-3052-498E-87AA-A0725B442FB0.jpeg BDB5468D-B786-465D-9A4D-9C21B1432845.jpeg E5BC71B2-1CD2-4E50-A134-96C6DA22C118.jpeg

Sage 1489 RPLX, 14 weight, 8 ft 9 inch, 2 piece no tube or sock, good for Oregon, Washington tuna, has 2 piece handle, $325 shipped US 86A96439-757B-4ADC-BE45-17BDB087CDC6.jpeg DFA00DCE-6743-4F69-9AAA-AB2A66BED735.jpeg 79F268B2-A924-4F02-A2A0-4A0BA7AB11F6.jpeg

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