DIY Garage Pontoon Hanger for under $40

Big Rob

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Girls helped me put together my new toy (Colorado XT)
Wife said it needed to be out of the way, so online I went searching.
Found a ceiling mount system from Outcast (IIRC) and it was spendy, but I knew I could replicate it.
(4) 1"x3" eye bolts in ceiling studs @ roughly 36" apart $2
50' paracord $10
(4) small carabiners $4
(4) locking pulleys from Amazon $10
(1) 10' mule tape
2 carabiners looped into the green mule tape across the front frame to support the front, and the rear carabiners are attached to the corners of the rear basket.
The only complicated task was modifying the locking pulleys. The lever to unlock the cord from the pulley has to be pushed UP towards the ceiling to release. I drilled a small hole in the lever, attached a nylon string, and ran the string UP to the ceiling eye bolt, allowing me to pull down, to releasing a locking window blind.
This will allow me to get it up and down by myself.
Cheers. Beer time...


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Thanks for sharing. Amazing how much time you save keeping it together, makes it a lot easier to get out for quick trips, and frees up more garage room for the kids to keep all their toys in there. At least that was my experience.


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Nicely done!
I would be interested to hear your feelings on the Colorado xt as I’m considering one of those beasts myself.

Steve Saville

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I hung mine sideways from two hooks. Tied on two short pieces of cord on the frame and then I stand on a short stool and loop the cord through S-hooks in the ceiling.

Camo Clad Warrior

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Nicely done,

I have two pontoon boats that i have struggled to store that I need to get rid of. Both in great shape I just never use them because it is easier to hook up to the drift boat than is it too put the pontoons together.



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Off-topic, but you'll want to take a hacksaw to the XT's foot-bars and cut off a few inches on either side. That way, you can walk to your seat rather than having to step over it. You'll also want to reduce the gappage (vertical play) in the oarlocks. I recommend Nylon Drain Plug Gaskets brand "Oil-Tite" and #65270 by Dorman. From memory, I think 3 stacked below the oarlock was about right. You'll also want oar tethers (I bought mine online through Classic Accessories). The raft is heavy (68lbs assembled and inflated) to carry/drag, but otherwise is a value-for-money and stable craft.


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I like your solution and would like to do something similar when I get a pontoon, but I was worried about it possibly getting in the way when the garage door is open.
I have a three car garage , and it’s hanging between the two doors . I also have another style hanger that’s in front of the truck in the picture in the third car section . I’m back to having two boats again , so that hanger will be used again after I do a few things to the new boat .That third car section is actually 51 feet deep ,plenty of room there . I will post a picture of that also , it has my Harbor Freight electric hoist in front of that ,used to remove my fifth wheel hitch .


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I like your solution and would like to do something similar when I get a pontoon, but I was worried about it possibly getting in the way when the garage door is open.
I’ve seen them hung up in front of a car or truck , turned sideways , so the door does not interfere.


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Here’s another style that works pretty good , I use S hooks on one end , and attach to two eye bolts on the aluminum platform on my Scadden boat , where the two braces are for the motor . The other end the curved part fits under both of the foot rests .


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