Orvis Bellevue Now Closed


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The downtown Seattle store opened Christmas 1919 and closed Mar 2020 like a lot of places. When the lease ran out in Bellevue, it became a no-brainer to swap out the people. The Portland store moved from Tigard to Lake Oswego. It is a new smaller flyfishing concept that may be tried up here somewhere . . .


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That's sad. Orvis is a great company! I really like the companies history, employees, quality products and conservation efforts. Thank you to all the employees that worked at the Bellevue store for your services! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! Take care!


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I try and distribute purchases from surrounding fly shops, and my two experiences at the Orvis Bellevue store have been positive. Sorry to hear that the location is closed, and hope the former crew all find great landing spots.

Someone mentioned that we should be fortunate about the other shops we have in the surrounding area, and I agree! I've had great experiences with shipping from Pacific Fly, Emerald Water Anglers, and Avid Anglers.


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I remember a few years ago lamenting to one of the sales folks how much I missed my H2 that was in for service. He offered to lend me his! That's not something anyone sees very often. I have found a similar attitude with everyone I've spoken to at Orvis. Their customer service is exceptional, as are their products.

I will miss the shop and the folks who worked there.


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I really have no use for Orvis products outside of their reels. Clothing is a bit stodgy for my taste. Dog stuff overpriced. I am sure rods are great, just never owned one.

The Orvis store downtown opened awhile ago. Mid or late 2019 maybe. On a block it will do well on I imagine. Basically right across the street from Patagonia. I occasionally walked down that way during lunch breaks pre covid. Hate to see any business go out do to covid. In this case, the company will be fine though. I feel for the employees at that location.

edit - just saw lelands post. Looks like at least some folks were moved to Seattle store.
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I’m an equal opportunity FF junkie, and hit all the local shops intermittently, including the Bellevue Orvis just last week. I’m not afraid of DT Seattle and get down there (from NE Seattle) occasionally. I’ll visit in a month or so, shopping for a dog bed maybe. Liz’s bound to turn me out soon ;-).


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While I completely sympathize with the fly shop employees who have to move on and are forced to make other plans there is a certain poetic justice when Orvis gets hosed by a luxury condo development. Given the number of small non-affiliated fly shops that have been negatively impacted by their relentless search for greater market share it is hard to feel any sorrow when the "Big O" is forced to take one in the shorts.
Do you have any concrete examples of a small fly shop closing because it was squeezed by a nearby Orvis store?

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