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Hi all,

My wife and I are new to Washington and have spent the last couple weekends driving to the Hoh and fishing. We love the scenery over there and are wanting to take a guide for a day of swinging flies to help dial our cast/presentation down.
I’d love to hear some of your recommendations for guides on the OP, someone who is REALLY patient as we’re pretty novice to the swung flies and double hand rods.

Best Regards.

Evan Burck

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Booking mid-season on the good guides can be a tough gig. You might be looking at a waiting list for when someone else cancels. The good ones typically book up many months in advance.

Charles Sullivan

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If by beer you mean herb, then yes. That'll get you somewhere. These are winter steelheaders we're talking about here.
Good point.

You will need, nugs, edibles, scotch, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, Vitamin R, Sierra Nevadas and and IPA of your choice.

Winter steelheaders often require intoxicants prior to giving out any information. Those that don't have given up getting whacked and likely don't speak or are hermits. I know a few of these types.

Or you can hire a guide, but that's sort of cheating the system. OTOH, it may be safer when with your special lady friend.

Go Sox,


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Mark Shamburg

Cole Leisman

Reid Curry


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My recommendation is easy. A year round local, swing only, and he fishes all the rivers and floats available to get you on good water no matter the conditions. Top notch dude.


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Remember the NP is federal land, different set of laws on certain recreational items than WA state.

Agreed with the above, if JD is guiding then 100% do that.
This is very, very true. They searched my entire boat; but, not well enough. :)

I was always LNT; but, had a NP officer observe us cooking breakfast; and, later came out of the woods. He said, “Yeah, I wondered what you were going to do with the bacon grease.” .....Ha! Would you like a breakfast taco?

Add: Jim Kerr and JD Love.
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JD has a great reputation for swing guiding steel but I heard he moved to Montana like four years ago and is pretty much guiding trout anymore?

Yard Sale

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If good guides are booked and you are happy to just learn casting/swing techniques let the guides know that. They will cancel "fishing" trips when the river blows out and would probably give you a deal on a casting session on such days. Those kinds of days are common in the wet spring.

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