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Part 1 for tonight, happier with this Squiddy V2 so far. Had to hand trim the hackles to make it shorter and more squid tentacles like.
Eyes are suspended on 40lb mono, a trick I learned from YouTube videos, wish I had bigger silver eyes.
Will need to work out the front shank system later, the 25mm is not long enough to make it proportional. Maybe a long tube for the mantle...

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You guys are off to a much better start than had when I started chasing tuna back in 2009.

I'm almost embarrassed to post these, but it's worth the pride hit to show the contrast factor with whats being cranked out in this thread. FWIW, most of these caught fish on the troll, but it took a few trips before I caught my first legit retrieved tuna on one of these butt-ugly bunny flies.



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Well I’ve got hits, more then one on two of these, just put them in because they will be going with me. The others are my lessons learned and one butt ugly guy. Just to show SliverFly he’s not the only one that knows how to tie butt ugly flys. I’m a slow tier mostly because of arthritis in both thumbs, but I also hate to do the same thing over and over. I will be tying up a few more in the coming days, but unless some one comes up with a killer fly that has been known to get hit on every cast I’m just about through.


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have a lot of thoughts on fly size, but ultimately I find in most cases if albacore are ignoring flies its almost always better to go smaller.
Great advice Nick. I've been on crazy bait stops where the boat was surrounded by tuna and every bait rod going off, while having my fly ignored. I think I made the mistake of thinking I'd get more action with a heavily weighted fly in a desperate attempt to preproduce the frantic actions of released bait. I've seen this behavior before out at swiftsure with coho crashing krill all around the boat and ignoring clousers. Going smaller and slowing my retrieve was the way to go then.
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OK the damn squid is done, lost count of how many EP fiber dubbing loop it took over the extension tube and front hook.
5.5in long, lots of lead wraps in the front. It was bushier at first but I trimmed it to a slimmer squid profile.
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That’s a fantastic fly and one I’ll likely not attempt my usual poor imitation of. Two dubbing loops per fly is my limit.

Actually, just remembered I have some pink ep brushes. Damn it kfish! I have chum fry to tie ;).

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