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Same basic anchovy I tie using fiber blends of EP (or CH) with Fishair and various flash materials. Given the focus on movement being discussed, I've been dinking around with more flexible materials. The middle fly is Pseudo Marabou with Angel Hair. The outer pair are tied with extra select Craft Fur, and a few strands of Mirror Flash. The one on the right is inspired by last year's killer fly tied by @DenWor54. First time I've really messed with these materials for baitfish patterns. Takes some getting used to but I'll be using them more. 20210214_161217.jpg

Matt B

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i have a (gear) bobber rod that goes with me each trip. Run an anchovie under it down about 30' with 3oz of lead. It works, and I think your idea might too.

Did you remove the barb?
What kind of bobber?
Barb was probably a casualty of working that bead on there.

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