Albacore Flies

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
That's a sick double baitfish pattern!

Re nails, I was given a spoon fly from a guy from LA that used a fake nail upside-down. He used it for Reds and sea trout, still have it some where. We swapped a few flies, must have been 1999 or 2000, on the cracker bar no less!


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The double -baitfish looks great. Assuming that's a plastic worm hook? Are those up to snuff for tuners? Just asking because I'd like to tie some.
I was thinking the same thing, all those bends were just asking to break, or straiten out.


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a couple more to add to a box that's rapidly filling up.



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I've never fly fished for tuna. And these are all good looking flies. How selective are these fish? I'd like to try it sometime.
How selective? - varies from eating the paint off the side of the boat to being super-picky about how a live bait swims. Generally speaking, you're in the game if you have something that reasonably approximates the primary prey they've been eating.

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