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Hi Jake,
I do not know if there have been specific studies of the diet of fish caught off Oregon and Washington specifically during the late summer fishery. But there have been investigations of their diet from California (with some Oregon and Washington) and the Southeast Pacific. Based on the "number of prey items" data from fish off the West Coast, various squid species comprise approximately 11% of the diet. Crustaceans as a group form 48% of the diet with krill alone forming 26% and pelagic sergestid shrimp at 15%. Fish overall form 41% of the items in the diet with anchovies at 25%.
These are summaries which lack nuances of seasonality or location. Nick may have a much better idea of what he has encountered off the Washington coast during the late summer fishery. The data indicate that albacore are generalist predators. Unlike a trout that might become fixated on a specific hatch, I suspect that albacore are much more opportunistic.
Thanks, Steve!


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I use a Rainy’s pink popper here to imitate the pelagic shrimp we have here. I have had ahi from 2-200lbs hit the popper. If you are getting them 20-30lbs you can use a 3/0 pink popper and a small pink shrimp as a trailer and catch them two at a time. I have done it before with 20lbers and it is pretty wild trying to land them both.


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even when I try to downsize, I still end up at 4"


craft fur/farrar plus a bunch of different types of flash in the middle.


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I don’t know about that Guy. Joy saw my fish bag last Friday and said, “how many dam flies do you need!”
My answer would be only one but it has to be the right one for the fish, the time of day which way the wind is blowing and what faze the moon is in, so it takes a lot of flys to match all those requirements, at the same time.

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