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Riffling Hitch

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Again I am kicking myself for buying another BBQ. 18" weber kettle, only 12.99.
Seems like the days of old are gone where you had one fly rod for trout and one for steelhead salmon. One pair of skies or one snowboard. Now it seems you need a "quiver" and one of something for every condition you may encounter.
Well, I have fallen into this with BBQ's/smokers.
Have some that are not being used regularly but cannot move myself to part with them.
Here is what I have currently:

Weber genesis- Use this for dinner when I am home late and need to get something cooked quickly with minimal effort.
Weber Q- Bought this for work when I was traveling more. Cooked on the porch of the hotel. Got tired of eating out. Still an excellent grill that I use for camping.

Primo xl grill- Kamodo grill that I love. Picked this up off craigslist with every option. Love the flavor and smoking ability. This one allows for so many cooking configurations and ability to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

weber smokey mountain 22"- Great smoker. Have cooked 100lbs of tri tip on it the kids swim meet party. Use this to smoke fish and larger batches of meet now.

weber smokey mountain 18"- just sold recently. Smoking all of my small batches on the primo.

Weber Kettle 18"- New edition

Lodge sportsmans grill- Impulse buy when I saw it on clearance for cheap. Great for cooking hot and quick. Some of the best fillet's Ive cooked have come off of this grill. Does not hold enough charcoal to cook for long. Awkward to travel with. Not sure I should keep it but really want to like it.

Anyway, If I had to be practical and only have one, it would be the Primo and the weber Q.
Love the charcoal taste and ability to smoke and the weber Q allows me to do quick late after work meals and camp with.

I need to get rid of a couple of these but have decided I need to get rid of a few fly rods first. Seems like I get rid of one and buy 2


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I'm basically ignorant of the many subtleties of grilling. In that ignorance I'm supremely satisfied with my little Weber Smokey Joe. It's large enough to cook for two of us, and I can BBQ 4 hamburgers at a time when needed. A larger BBQ would be handy when I'm cooking for a group, but that occurs so seldom that I just do batches on the Smokey Joe. I buy charcoal briquets during the annual Costco sales, so I have a year or two's worth on hand at all times. I like the smokey flavor of alder when I cook salmon, so I keep a bag of alder chips handy for those occasions, and add moistened chips to the charcoal, and the results are as good as when I cook fish on a straight alder wood fire.

Gary Knowels

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I have an Oklahoma Joe's Bronco. It is a charcoal drum smoker that also converts into a standard charcoal grill. I've really enjoyed getting to know how it functions and have turned out some decent smoked meat on it.

I also have an infrared propane grill, that I don't recall the brand or model. It is the size of a larger 3 burner gas grill. I like it for quick dinners, large group, and as a second cooking source, especially when doing the reverse sear method.

My wife thought I was crazy to want 2 grills, then we cooked all summer and she saw the light.

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