Wet Wading Safety


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While wet wading the Deschutes I was surprised to see two leeches on my leg. Small and brown, one had apparently was a recent arrival and came right off but the other had been there feasting for awhile. As I pulled him off I noticed I was bleeding. It stopped after awhile but the fishing was too good to quit so went right back in. Been wet wading that river for a couple decades and that was the only time it ever happened and prior to that I would bet money there were no leeches in that river. I considered naming my boat the African Queen but didn't.


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In the late 1990s and early 2000s when the n.f stilly had hatchery fish during the summer we would wet wade up river then after finishing a run jump in and swim to the next run downriver.
Yeah that is one river I’d never expose my skin to.

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