Mystery rod solved!


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I know better than to look at the classifieds after a beer or two, but sometimes a guy can’t help himself. Anyhow, I typed Spey into my local hunting/fishing online ads and a half dozen rods popped up between my place and Pocatello. A few Z axis rods, T&T and a custom made Beulah 12’7” 7/8. Ad said it had never been fished and looked to be beautiful rod with some great accents to it. Now, do I need a rod in this category? Absolutely not, but it was a great price, so I texted...turns out the seller used to guide in Oregon before life took him to the Rockies, now he’s going further east, so unloading some of the quiver. He didn’t have much info on the rod other than he had Beulah custom make it for him and he thought it was an IM8 blank. I don’t know much about Beulah rods, so I started digging through archives here and on Speypages and found a few threads that alerted me that Steve Godshall did much of the repair work for Beulah (most of these posts were 2009-2013). I’d gotten enough info to think this was a Classic series with the length and year window I knew of. I then looked again at the cork and compared it to a 5 wt switch if bought a couple years ago from a WFF member, and damn if they weren’t pretty similar. I shot Steve and email with pictures of the new rod, and he confirmed that he’d indeed, built that rod. Sealed the decision to buy it there. Long and short of it, whether I need it or not, I’m the new owner of a Beulah Classic 12774! Sounds like the rod had a pretty good following in the day based on price point and good performance. May not be the cats meow now, but I’m anxious to try it out. Gotta go and order a line from Steve to match!


I have a broken 12’7” 7/8 that was my go to rod for summer scandi lines, it was the cats meow. I’m looking into repairing it soon... nice find and 450-500 grains makes it bend!


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I’ve got a 480 skagit Compact and a 510 driver, but thought one of Steve’s hybrid heads would be a great fit.

wanted to also add what an indispensable wealth of information we have at our dispense here (to help feed the addiction)


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I have one of those rods. It would be my daily driver if I weren't so partial to my CND Solstice.

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