WTB Wtb Scott G series 884 or 844


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I’ve cast all three. My preference is for the 904 original G for dries. Tho that new 884 is sweet too. Good luck


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g2 is the one you want. I'll be buried with mine. best modern graphite dry fly rod. that's obviously my opinion, but many agree.

east high

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I recently purchased a G2 884 from a member here. Finally took it to the River this last weekend and was super impressed. It’s a very accurate rod.

Kirk Singleton

Capt Kirk
I have a 3 piece original g, 4 weight, I am pretty sure it is a 8’8” (884-3) that has only been fished a couple of times (3 max) and is mint. I do not have the tube or case for it. Unfortunately it is at my cabin and I won’t be there until 5/29. If you haven’t found one by then let me know and we can work something out.
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