FS $$$OLD!!! ORVIS “Western Two” Fly Rod + CFO 1 Reel

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Classic gear here!

The “Western Two” rod is NOS, not a mark on it. 8’6” 2wt 2pc unsanded blank. Full flex is a hoot to cast and land any size fish. Comes with original case and sock.

CFO 1 (1-3wt) reel is made in England and only shows a few small nicks in the rim. Functions flawlessly and pairs with the rod very well. Comes with Orvis case and Orvis Wonderline WF2 in good shape.
88CFED1B-CAB8-4E91-818E-B45B4FB49900.jpeg 354EBB2E-C23C-4FA2-A7B2-BCADFEDFCB2A.jpeg 1D2AF020-CFC4-4DA3-AFA9-C443BE87ECC8.jpeg DC271661-F998-4DFE-8907-89B6C9BCCC9B.jpeg 7D8B18D1-76AE-4B45-B176-EF392C34B21C.jpeg C1E9B74A-D79E-48F7-BCB4-CBF9A9EA6259.jpeg B4DFC74A-7970-4032-A9E8-E97CDF03BEE3.jpeg 2D094587-06C2-4AA8-AB02-C9889E463627.jpeg 8D3F9303-AF8F-4DC5-9AA9-11A4CFB08D9D.jpeg C1DF32BB-A38B-434D-947F-9E46829B9148.jpeg
Combo priced at $395. Will split rod and reel at $225 each.

Prices are shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.

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