FS 9’ Pontoon Boat Package SOLD


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9’ Pontoon boat for sale. (Identical to 9’ Outcast Fish Cat LC but orange instead of blue) Made and warranted by Outcast but sold by Sportsman’s Warehouse. Used only two days on the Yakima and Like new. The package includes everything to comfortably and safely fish both rivers as will as lakes. The package components are as follows. Absolutely nothing left to buy and ready to fish. $450 cash or PayPal. Pick-up only in Tacoma. (Canyon Road area)

Lost Creek 9’ LC
Upgraded seat and swivel attachment
Custom Plexiglas/aluminum cargo deck
Side bags
Cargo bag
Two way pump
Extra oar (three total)
Anchor & rope - 12lb pyramid
Scotty fly rod holder
Spin rod holder
SOSpendars auto/manual Inflatable PFD - 35lb minimum buoyancy
Landing net
Wading staff
Bucks Bags Fins
Cargo net
Stripping apron
Repair kit


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What a great deal on a great boat, can't believe its still available . I picked up a Scadden X5 recently with just the bags, anchor ,and pump for $400 , thought it was a good deal.


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Yeah if I had any room I would have jumped all over this. Jealous of whoever gets it


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Here’s one I got hanging with a canoe pulley from Amazon


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