Spey 12' 5/6 "Do-it-all" line?


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I have an ACR1255 5wt and I use a 350gr Rio Trout Spey head on it with a separate running line (only swinging but I throw a lot of variety of flies w/ it).

I have never fished the ACR at pyramid but in the past when I used to go there I used an 11'6" switch rod with a rio switch chucker to throw indicators and it worked fine.

If you got the integrated version of the rio trout spey it would probably work reasonably for both purposes. With that said I really would consider going for two spools/one reel frame with separate lines.

If money is an issue, buy a Lamson Liquid 3pack (size 3.5 or 4 depending on your preferences and the balance) and then buy your lines preowned/lightly used to save some $$. You can probably buy two lines used for the price of one new. You could also buy the reel and spools used.

I have bought a bunch of basically unused lines here and other places for less than half of retail price.

Pyramid line could be a 6wt switch chucker or Wulff ambush.

Then get a running line and a good all-around head for swinging. I would recommend a 350-375gr Rio trout spey or a 375ish gr Scandi body as a great all around head that can throw some lighter skagit flies and also not overwhelm summer SH scandi flies.


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I have an ACR Scandit Supreme 12’ 5wt. Depending on where and or what I will be fishing for I use either a Rio Skagit Max Short 375g or an Airflo Rage Compact 330g. Great rod for larger trout or silvers.
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this is within the last few months with the transfer to new owners. I was getting a couple of rods set up for jetty and surf fishing, and I had to call around to find an airflo integreated shooting head in a 7wt. I like the sniper, but it's only available in 8, 9, 10.

The new Superflo 40+ lines are sold by Airflo in the UK. Call AirfloUSA customer support and they can help you out. Absolutely badass now that they switched to the new coating.

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