So Glad for Local Fly Shops

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
It is great to have local knowledge and a place to learn/buy appropriate gear and flies.

Anil at Puget Sound Fly Co finally has some great glow in dark flies for sale. I have bought a few rounds from him in the past few months and love them. The hooks are sticky sharp, so the tugs i get from Ressie and Blackmouth turn into at least a few headshakes before they spit the fly free. It is a thrill to feel the line get jerked backwards. Those fish are not shy about chomping on flies.

Bjorn at The Fly Fisher down in Lacey is another favorite of mine. I used to travel puget sound on business, so was in his shop at least a few times a year, but covid has put a temporary end to that. Bjorn has mailed his hand tied custom leaders for my 6 wt and 2wt rods. They work great. He was also the first one to custom tie flies for me. He tied up glow in dark flies a couple years ago and i just ran out, so he is tying up more for me and will mail them to me.

I feel lucky to have these great guys still in business.

Both are good people to see.
Both have wonderful shop dogs with butt waggin' tails.

There are many other shops in puget sound that I enjoy and try to visit whenever I am near them. Sorry to hear the Bellevue Orvis is shutting down. Especially feel sorry for those of you in Bellevue who will have to drive further for local fly shops.

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Just received in the mail a dozen custom tied glow in dark Streamers from Bjorn at The Fly Fisher in Lacey.

They are perfect!

I love the sturdy hooks, simple design and long length of glow in dark material. I can cut it to match the dimensions of baitfish.

So cool that he can mail them to me.

I gotta remember to keep a beat up one to use as a model for next order. Blackmouth live to chew these

Note: Dollar bill added to show scale of the streamer.


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A few OR shops I really like.....

If you are in Hood River check out The Gorge Fly shop. I'm a fan.

Two Rivers in Albany.....Mitch is a super generous guy.

The Fly Fishers Place in Sisters.


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And lest we forget Emerald Water Anglers! Although I'm not so sure about that Dave guy

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