Trip Report A day on the Hoh...

Hi all! My background is trout fishing in Northern California and I'm still learning a lot about WA and have no frame of reference for going after steelhead. Why not shorten the learning curve with a guide? I followed the advice that many of you have given re: steelhead guides on the OP and I booked a trip with RainCoast Guides. I met Ryan Bullock early this morning in Forks to load up my stuff and head out to the Hoh to get my first real taste of steelhead fishing. Having read how difficult it is for many , I had already prepared myself that I'd likely not have and luck but instead would learn a lot. I could go on and on but...I'll let the photo do tell the rest of the story! First fish of 2021 and first steelhead ever!

2021_02_05_Steelhead_Hoh copy.jpg

Without much experience I'm not sure what I was getting into and I'm sure that there are other clients who may be more fun than a rookie like me, but Ryan was patient, helpful, and really got me to understand some key things to help me be more successful on the water. Thank you Ryan and RainCoast Guides!


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Congrats on a nice fish. Saw this pic on reddit as well. Just one thing to note, if folks start asking about specifics, maybe just ignore them.
Good call out, I've removed the river mention. I generally thought that river name was acceptable but specific locations were not, but I know that you all know these rivers better than me so I'll be sure to not attract more people that way.
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Congrats and welcome to the addiction. I have fished with Ryan a couple of times, he does a great job. You made a good choice with Raincoast Guides.

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