Trip Report Another EW hike.

Planned to go tubing somewhere today, but the wind was way too much. Hiked Devil’s Canyon trial near lower Monumental dam instead and managed to avoid being smacked in the face by any tumbleweeds. Cool place with two long railroad tunnels and a deep canyon. This parallels a state highway but alternately way above and then way below the road. 12 mile out and back that is mostly old RR grade, so not steep but hard on the feet, knees and ankles. Trail starts near the dam goes up to the dry Kahlotis lake. Nice hike if you are ever in the area.


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Nice Rich! Central Washington has its own kind of beauty. Heading your way in a little more than a week!
Be ready for some cooler temperatures. Supposed to be in the teens at night later in the week. Wind was brutal today. Did chores around the house and stayed inside most of the afternoon.


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Yep, polar vortex on the way, though we won't see the worst of it. In-laws in the midwest are in for a time though.

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