Reference Dry Falls boat launch improvements - private funding question and volunteer labor question


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Buzzy... don't drop the ball! Talk to Mike and the Park Ranger on what needs to be done, and I think they will approve it. (I'm so sick of rules and regulations!) I'll donate to this project...!


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I assume you've been able to fish this lake in the past with whatever watercraft you have, so I'm just curious; why are you motivated to improve a boat launch to allow more and bigger boats on small water?
(I'm usually stoked to find lakes with limited access!)

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Just to be clear, I'm not challenging or even disagreeing with you. In fact, my first instinct was Sure - I'll help out!
But I'd like to know why you want it done
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Buzzy, I don't know if Chad or Rich would be "prime" on this. Rich is the lands manager. Chad's old job is now held by Mike Schmuck. On donations.... I will donate.


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I guess "thanks" are in order; while not something I want to hear I do appreciate your response. Any other comments along this line out there? I just lost about all interest in doing anything towards improving this abysmal launch.
I think folks are correct about the legality of permits. However, the ranger has let us do minor projects like setting stones and clearing fishing spots at the end of trails, but not as large a project as your talking about. To CYA maybe write a small proposal letter and the staff could sign off on it, so a useful project doesn't die in regulation.
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I'm just confirming the information as accurate from those members who stated the requirement of a Hydraulic Project Approval before altering any public water access site such as Dry Falls. A buddy of mine and I also looked into improving the launch site at Campbell years ago; not quite taking "an act of God" for the state approval but this COVID crap is clearly going to inject a probable delay somehow... but it's still possible. I also hope to head off some headache(s) for all the DIY'ers out there. WDFW has never looked kindly at self-action on our public waters (with the exception of picking up litter...)


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I would suggest laying down road fabric prior to gravel of any kind. Other wise gravel will migrate out, side to side and down. That stuff is pretty sharp from most pits so if anyone would try to walk out there in anything soft of then - ouch! I will donate.


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If available at the time I'll help out, (I have a battery weed whacker:) ) I'll also donate.


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Ladies and gentlemen -
I have left voicemail with local WDFW folks and hope to hear back from them soon regarding permit issues. I will also contact the park ranger again and tell him of the concerns voiced by some forum members. In the meantime I'm writing down WFF handles/or names from those of you who have agreed to donate $ or effort (so I know who to chase after should this thing actually gain traction).

Several of you have suggested a gofundme way to collect $ for this maintenance issue. I suppose that makes sense but I won't do so until I have something definitive in writing from the Park and WDFW. I will not personally "research" the legal requirements for making some small modifications to a shitty boat launch.

@Northern - your comment really struck a chord with me. I don't disagree with you and I don't mind bushwhacking. BUT: Dry Falls in the spring and early fall is a very popular place to fish. It isn't secluded or unheard of. It is popular and to answer your edited comment: I don't want to see fist fights, shovin' matches. It is a one at a time launch and when one person blocks the launch while he strings up his three fly rods and pulls on his waders and adjusts his Filson hat and vest tempers will be challenged. It isn't uncommon to see 20+ boats on this lake: that's too many in my less than humble opinion and the launch will get crowded. I still haven't answered you, have I? I saw a need, at least in my mind. Thought I might help. Lastly - someone suggested the agencies do this "permit" research. Yeah. I agree. Whew.

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I appreciate your efforts as well as relating your experiences in trying to get something/anything done in a situation like this.

When I first moved to the eastside years ago, I called up WDFW in Ephrata and asked about Grant County lakes accessible by pram with special fishing regulations. I lamented about all the public lakes but how there were so few where you could launch a pram and find quality waters and larger than average trout. I was told to try Dry Falls and Lenore (I had fished both while living on the westside). I tried them both; my opinion of Dry Falls was it was generally more crowded with less parking than I liked and so those two things generally kept me away from the lake. I still feel that with all the lakes in the county and the popularity of fly fishing, there still seems to be a disproportionate number of specially managed lakes that are relatively accessible with a trailered pram. My solution was to fish standard gear lakes and search out lesser-fished waters in Okanogan County. I have been content with that strategy.

What is perhaps even more troubling is with two separate state passes already (WDFW and Discover) which collect fees for maintaining and improving access, a popular place like Dry Falls should not have to resort to grass-root efforts to effect a change such as this. I wonder what other states do to maintain public fishing access? My memory is not the greatest and generally I don't review my fishing license receipts but I don't recall paying for access passes in BC, OR, ID, MT but WA has two separate passes from the state for which to access land whereas the other states have none? I suppose if I am wrong somebody will enlighten me but it just seems a bit odd to me if that is the case.

All that said, I could easily see myself donating money, labor, or both to support improvements at Dry Falls if nothing can be done at the bureaucratic level, even if I don't feel it should be necessary because of the fees already collected that should fund this maintenance.
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