Reference Dry Falls boat launch improvements - private funding question and volunteer labor question


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@Northern - your comment really struck a chord with me. I don't disagree with you and I don't mind bushwhacking. BUT: Dry Falls in the spring and early fall is a very popular place to fish. It isn't secluded or unheard of. It is popular and to answer your edited comment: I don't want to see fist fights, shovin' matches. It is a one at a time launch and when one person blocks the launch while he strings up his three fly rods and pulls on his waders and adjusts his Filson hat and vest tempers will be challenged. It isn't uncommon to see 20+ boats on this lake: that's too many in my less than humble opinion and the launch will get crowded. I still haven't answered you, have I? I saw a need, at least in my mind. Thought I might help. Lastly - someone suggested the agencies do this "permit" research. Yeah. I agree. Whew.
Well that makes perfect sense. I've never been up that way, and looking at the tiny lot on Google maps I would have assumed pretty limited use. If it's going to be overrun regardless of whether the current facilities can handle the traffic, then this does seem like a good start at a solution.
Thanks for explaining, and sign me up for $ help (and hands if you really need em!)

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