Snoqualmie Pass During Winter


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i lost count of how many 4 wheel drive vehicles i pulled out of trouble when i had my land cruiser with a PTO winch. the problem seems to be, 4 wheel drive allows you to get yourself much deeper into trouble. think before you drive...
I think a lot of them get excited by the traction and forget about the braking.


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For 10 years I drove the pass every week through the entire year in a Subaru Outback with all season tires. Never had to put on chains and never got stuck. Just take your time, which is one of the reasons driving in the snow seemed safer to me than rain. Most of the cars and trucks are doing 25-30mph as opposed to 70 in the rain. Trying to get past a truck in the next lane is like a car wash for about 6 seconds. Sometimes blind until you emerge. Rain is far worse and hydroplaning is also a concern as the highway pools up in quite a few places.


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This was one night's worth of snow in Cle Elum...drove back towards Seattle that morning...the pass was open, doing 35...


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