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I love beaches, water, and fishing. My wife loves beaches, water, and relaxing. I want to travel to first-(ish) class destinations and fish a few days here and there. Mostly, I think about Carribean spots.

I have neither the desire nor capacity to fish 6 days in a row. Instead, I want to go somewhere where we can really enjoy ourselves and I can go out fishing for a day or two with a guide and then just hunt from the surf here and there even if I get skunked most days. I have nothing against fishing lodges, but I'm pretty sure my wife wouldn't like to join me at one. We're also not resort types. Ideal for us is a cozy bungalo with a kitchen, on the water or a short walk, and a smallish town center with the basics. We're there for the nature. I know this is what everyone wants. But, I need to dream!

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If you’re in the US, Isla Morada comes to mind. Easier to get to with Covid having shut down many international locations.

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Bahamas. Sounds like the place your looking for. The challenge will be picking the island with the accommodations and the amount of activities you seek. But the Bahamas is your answer. Ch close out Abaco


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Try these guys. Grand Bahama got hammered by the hurricane, but they are up and running and you can shop and hit the ocean and resorts to gamble etc.

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