FS $$$OLD!!! SAGE SPL 589-3 Fly Rod

Unbelievably sweet rod. I paired this against a Winston B3X 905 and am only selling this rod because it’s not 9ft long. Silky smooth medium action. Absolutely excellent condition with no scratches on the blank and only slight scuffing on the reel seat end. Cork is clean. Original sock and case.
Price is shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.

Will consider a trade for ONLY a new / like new Hatch 3+ Gen 2 clear (silver) / green or black infill.

8C21F37E-CA9C-4433-AF18-0ACD65B4D471.jpeg F34C8C3E-7663-48E1-B8D1-8F97D89F5489.jpeg 1B2119F4-9F1A-445F-BA2C-CCF5A4E663A0.jpeg C178BAE4-6658-401B-9CFD-C43E38F8C332.jpeg 33149BB2-DC8A-457F-95D8-3657D88EF42F.jpeg 5EC13B40-6924-44B5-A9ED-B240721E5E28.jpeg

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