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Airway Heights?? Crap, that's even worse than driving to Silver Bow. Airway is by far the worst part of driving to Coffeepot and points west.

My 'local' shop has become J Stockard back in Connecticut. Great selection, an easy to use web page and fast shipping. Free shipping after $100 but even paying for shipping is just mouse nuts compared to a 200 mile round trip and mind numbing traffic.


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I am reminded of my first day in a large, college, Business, class when the professor, after about 5 minutes of scratching his head proclaimed that, "All Business will eventually fail"!
That was/is an astute onservation/truth!

Shawn Seeger

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Well shit. There goes my fly shop. I guess that gives them more room for crappy clothes and more empty ammunition shelves.
I have told my buddy that live up there, go in an for the manger, and explain that beside got fishing stuff all the other things you buy there, then explain maybe you don't need the other thing also.


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So, I got this message from my friend in Omak today.... Apparently North40 no longer selling fly stuff... Here was his text:

"I had very very sad news today. I went to North 40 to pick up some thread and..... the fly shop was gone. The sales guy I normally talk to said no more fly materials. [email protected] $&@-?. Uggggggg"

Just so you know in advance.
Is this change just for the store in Omak or does the decision impact all North-40 stores? I just logged on to the Lewiston Id store and it looks like this must be an entire chain thing.
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The Lewiston N40 fly shop become a morgue when the steelhead runs hit the bottom a few years ago. Same with Camp, Cabin & Home, which actually got out of the tackle biz. I'm sorry to say there will be a Bass Pro/Cabelas in place of the Sportsman store. Never did cotton to either of them. I have not heard the Lewiston shop was closing and if it was I'm sure my friend would have told me about it.
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Dustin Bise

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I wonder if the closing is location specific or if they plan on doing the same in other locations.
They're building a new store in Airway Heights and I was hoping it would include a fly fishing department.
there had been talks about airway having a fly shop back when i worked for them, but I kinda got the impression they settled on the CDA shop instead.

Dustin Bise

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That's a real loss. I don't get to a fly shop more than twice a year and now that has been cut in half. I wonder who will liquidate their stock..

My nearest fly shop is about 100 miles away and I haven't been there in about 10 years because of the traffic. So much for buying local.

how far are you from sandpoint? the fly shop in north 40 there is top notch.

Dustin Bise

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You nailed it, according to my sources. They needed the money for the Airway store. No warning, just came in and dismantled. I spent thousands at that fly shop over the years, and would have spent thousands more... And over the years I spent incidental extra money there only because of the fly shop. Guess I won't be shopping at North Forty anymore. I can get my pet food at more local places. Don't need to contribute to these corporate asshats.

they are not as corporate as you think. they treat workers well, and its a family owned business based in Montana. The owners/founders son is a fly fisherman and was the one who moved them into the direction of carrying gear for outdoorsman lifestyles. everyone i met and worked for from the leadership team was amazing.
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