FS Bluewater Rods (update and price drop)

Don Perry

I have 2 rods left that I used for dorado, tuna and sails when I made regular trips to Loreto 10-15 years ago. I don't see those trips happening again and I'd like someone to get some use out of them (and finance a lighter rod purchase). Prices listed are for a delivery in the Spokane area. If you want it shipped with Paypal payment add $15. If you buy both I can reduce that a bit. I can also put together an outfit with reel, backing and line if you're starting from scratch (send PM).

SOLD...TFO Bluewater Light Duty, 10-12 wt. (400-500 grains) 9', 4pc., $160. This rod was designed to fight big fish in deeper water where you may have to pump them up from below the boat. It also casts well, especially shooting heads. The new model is the Bluewater SG. You'll see in the pictures that I have an extra second section with a broken guide. On one of my trips the ceramic insert got knocked out bouncing around in the panga. The TFO crew was at the Oasis that week and loaned me a section from one of theirs. At the end of the week the rep just told me to keep it rather than send the rod for repair. Great people to work with and I believe they still honor the warranty on older rods. Includes sock but no case.

Albright XX, 9', "10" (450-500 grain) wt. 4 pc., (450-500 grain) $120. I put the 10 in quotes because I don't consider this to be a 10 (note the factory foregrip). It loads better with a 12 weight line or a heavy shooting head. I used it one week in Loreto during a big dorado year. It's a good fighting rod with a strong butt to move fish. I landed my biggest dorado ever on it, around 50#. Sock and factory case.


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Don Perry

I updated the listing after a couple of sales and I reduced prices and shipping a bit. Heading to ebay in a few days at original prices.

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