ASB chironomids

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I have not used window tint, but am interested in adding it to my collection of materials. how does window tint differ from buzzer wrap?

Mark Yoshida

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Hi guys glad to see you are enjoying the precut ASB and window tints from us at HB Creations. We want to thank everyone who has supported this venture my wife and I have started. We will have some olive as well as some brown window tint in the next week or so. This will be in addition to our ASB, 35% grey 20% grey, bronze and chameleon window tints. These are cut in 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm sizes. The 0.5mm works well on #18 togen nymph hooks while 0.75mm is the perfect size for #16 togen nymph hooks. 1.0mm looks great on #14- 12 togen nymph hooks and finally for #10-8 togen nymph hooks the 1.5mm is the bomb. For those of you not on face book feel free to email your orders to [email protected]. All of our cut sheets are 2 for $10 plus$2 shipping(no matter how many sheets) We accept Paypal only. Venmo doesn't work for canadian transactions, sorry.

We have had great luck with our shipments to the USA with some shipments to Washington state in 5 days, Southern California in 8 days. Please understand the postal service can be hit and miss for delivery time during covid.

Thanks again and tight lines,
Brian Barby

Edited Venmo payment info.
Thanks for the quick reply to my questions and allowing me to mix my order on size and colors. Your products arrived today and look excellent. Very pleased with my selection of sheets.
Communication was great and an email letting me know it was mailed on 3/9 and they arrived in my mail this morning 3/18.


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Excellent Mark glad to hear they got there fairly quickly (mail has been hit and miss) and that you are happy with our products. Thanks.

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