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After purchasing the 7/8 MKX from Bob and being very happy with it I called him back up and told him I needed another one, I told him what I was looking for in a rod, what lines I like to use, where I fish and how I fish, we talked about his 14’ 6/7 MKX. After the discussion I went ahead and ordered one. It showed up in a timely manner in the standard build just as I asked and again the build and finish are excellent.

I have not had a chance to fish it but I have had it out to the pond a couple of times to see how it works and first impressions are very good.
The grain window for this rod per Bob’s site is 450-700gns mine is marked 425-650gns, The heaviest line I used was 662gn head and it did not feel like it was over loading this rod, I do have a 700grn 70’ head 7/8 Rio Grand Spey that I might give a try next time I am out casting just to see how far i can push it.
Back to the testing, I like mid to long belly lines and do not own any skagit or scandi lines but my good friend rbeckius does and has this rod hopefully he will add to this post, He is one of the main reasons I bought this rod after watching him throw lazer tight loops on the lower Deschutes last summer.

The first line I tried was an original Delta Long 7/8 63’ Head 580gns, I worked the head out mindful of the ducks and got my stroke going and it went good and felt good. I kept pulling out more line and letting it go and it kept going, The black holding point went out to the rod tip and I pulled out more line and picked it up and off it went making a strange noise which I realized was the backing knot rattling through the eyes and I had shot all the line and some backing out of the rod tip!!!. I pulled the head back and it did it again very nice. I need to cast this line again and try the sink tips.

Next, I thought let’s go a with a little more weight and tried the Rio LongHead 7/8 64” 620gns, It felt fine and the rod picked it up very easy and casting the full head and shooting running line was no problem it turned over the head and put out a nice loop.

Now the Bridge Mainstream 7/8 56’ 635gns, Again nice tight loops, Picked up the Head easy enough and pulled the backing out, Did not feel too heavy for this rod, Put out nice tight loops. Very nice line on this rod.

I then tried two GaelForce lines first the Equalizer 8/9 54’ Head 523gns yes it’s an 8/9 but look at the gns 523gns in a 54’ Head not that heavy, It worked fine again full head out and pulling on the running line. I had a good idea this line would work as it’s the line I use on my 7wt T&T 1307. For an 8/9 line it works great on 7wt rods. since I stopped looking at line designations and started looking at grain weights it has made mating the right line to the rod a lot easier .
Last up that day was the GaelForce 7/8 63’ 662gns this was the line with the most Head weight and I was beginning to think it might be too heavy for this rod But I need not have worried, It picked up the Head and sent a very tight loop out over the pond, Every cast it was a tight loop and feeling it pull on the reel I kept pulling the running line out until I hit my casting limit a good 11 pulls of running line behind the color change very nice.
I need to get back out with this rod to try a couple of other lines I have a Hardy Mach 8wt 65’ Head 571gns and a Rio Mid Spey 7/8 65’ Head 560gns and the Delta Long with the Tips but they will have to wait until this freezing weather pasts.
I am impressed with this rod It has the same casting stroke as the 7/8 slow it down use your bottom hand and let the rod do the work, I did find I could push with the top hand a little and generate more power but do not overdo it or the cast collapses. It picked up and threw all the Head weights I put on it and did so with no problems just pull the bottom hand and away it goes.
If you need a 14’ 6/7 that will pick up, carry and throw a mid to long head I would highly recommend this rod based on my first impressions, Even if you do not need one I would still tell you purchase it.


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