King Fever

I saw a couple pictures of a couple fly caught Kings the other day, and they really got my juices flowing. Something about the size of the fish and the infrequent prospect of catching one on the fly are major attractions of fly fising for these great fish. That plus the challenge is not so intimidating after spending some time on the beach hooking pinks....kinda makes me think I know how to catch a fish.

So I went out the other day to spend some time trying out a new fly pattern for cutthroat. Caught a couple fish and decdided to try another area. What a day! As I got to the new location I saw Kings rolling, jumping and splashing about. I couldn't wait to try a fly I had just tied up with some newfound materials.

So I placed the boat in the current and made a drift down the beach and dang if I didn't see a King roll in front of me. Cast. Wait. Strip......then a tug. After 25 minutes I had a King of 18 pounds in the boat! I quickly turned the boat around and started another drift. After a few casts, anonther King hooked up. This one broke off after 20 minuters. Tie on some more 1x tippet and another fly. Another drift, nothing. Another drift, nothing. Another drift.........another tug. This time a nice 12 pound hen! What a day. I guess the word is, "Keep the fly in the water." Hope you all can have as much excitement and as much of a thrill flyfishing the salt as I had Saturday.