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I currently have an Orvis T3 up for sale. It's in great shape as it was my backup rod and not used very much. It has a little cork color as you can see in the pictures. All around great rod. Comes with original sock and tube. 250 shipped/insured to lower 48. PayPal only

tempImageNP9T4s.png tempImage0lzd3r.png tempImageLEQVIY.png tempImagehZqW0e.png 3B67CFF7-0494-4D00-B165-D77C31BF4F87_1_201_a.jpeg 3185D77A-0680-495C-B4AF-E86969117646_1_201_a.jpeg 3BBD7878-BFB0-4A26-85A4-7483345A0AC1_1_201_a.jpeg
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