Wanted Conventional Casting Rods IM6 G.Loomis

Todd C

Looking for 80's - 90's G.Loomis IM6 Casting Rods in 8-12 lb to 12-17lbs and heavier . Prefer 9 foot rods but will consider others. I used to own a few that a fire took among many other things, and I would like to replace.
Do not want any spin rods.
Let me know what you have.
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I’ve got a sweet little summer rod if your local puget sound, can’t ship it, it’s a one piece rod. 7’6” 6-12lb 625BB2EB-266F-4CA3-85D0-983D12B22026.jpeg

Todd C

Thanks for the offer bhudda . Tempting, but will stick to 8.5' plus lengths, 2 piece. I am in Oregon, so most likely a rod will need to be mailed.

Todd C

Good idea. I'll try there. I had not heard of Piscatorial Pursuits. I know this site has a lot of fisherman who started fishing when the Im6's and Rpl type rods were on the rise. I was hoping there would be a few of these oldies in the closet .

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