Hetaerina americana


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Thanks for sharing. It's surprising how thin a damsel is compared to the dragon. I think I've been overdressing my damsels for years and ending up with a tweener. Something to explore.

Mark Melton

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Yeah, most of the damselflies are a lot thinner than dragonflies. But the main difference is the gills on the end of the abdomen.


Thank you for the bug pics--been really enjoying them! Keep them coming!!

Few things stand out to me.

1) The nymph stays really skinny all the way through. Not really much of a bulk bump in the thorax. (That seems to run counter to a lot of fly patterns.)

2) The wing buds are longer than I've ever incorporated in a pattern--should probably change that.

3) How long the legs are. Again, not something I'm usually incorporating into patterns. But it makes sense in that they aren't that long in comparison to the adult body size.

I googled the latin. What a beautiful adult!! And the brown nymph color starts to make more sense.

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