FS Steelhead/Trout Stonefly Nymphs “SOLD”


Indi Ira
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Don’t pretend that you don’t know that Stoneflies are one of the best nymphs to throw for Steelhead and Trout! :)

I have 7 lots of flies to sell. Each lot has 24 plus flies in it. Each lot will be $15 local pick up Bothell area or add $4 if you want me to ship CONUS. If you buy more than 2 lots, I’ll ship for free. That is less than a dollar a fly. These same patterns are 2 plus bucks in a fly store.

The Lots are in order as pictured. Lots 1 and 4 are spoken for.

DEA94FE6-25D4-41B8-BC03-EB494491553D.jpeg 923A6219-4891-41B2-9CA4-C763CAE79F72.jpeg F5F9BEA8-CCC3-4FEA-93C3-DE72BC31FA08.jpeg 7FE058A2-AAC5-464A-BF66-53EFC50BBF1A.jpeg 11033288-DB90-4933-84E3-6204553C5F8A.jpeg 7C067500-E046-4E3A-88E5-82A5395168E7.jpeg 2C7FD7FB-1860-4ED9-9744-3A5BB45C53C4.jpeg
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Tried to send one just after I posted. It shows I haven’t any recent conversations.
May have missed the send button in the phone. Said I’d take 5 & 7 but the chemist above has first shot. My faux pas. You got some interest anyway which is good.

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