I just acquired an old bamboo fly rod that has seen better days. The glue holding the bamboo strips together has totally failed. I am thinking about regluing the rod back together and see how it works. The question is what glue I should use. I just want to see if I can do it. If this doesn't work it will be no loss.


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Titebond lll, zip ties and let it set over night, that’s what I do.
I've also used waxed dental floss to wrap the repair area until the glue sets. It doesn't stick to the glue and you can get a fairly tight and even wrap to hold things together while the glue dries.


Well, the Titebond III worked fine. Now I have to find a mid and tip section so I can call it a fly rod.

Mike Monsos

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You mean to say you only have a base section for a three piece rod? :eek: That is a project rod LOL.


Well, I had a complete bamboo rod and an extra base section. The complete rod has already been stripped and has 3 coats of TRUOIL. That extra base section was what was in such bad shape. I wrapped painters tape around it in 3 or 4 places to hold it together. I took off the cork and reel seat and the ferrule. It basically fell apart after that. I glued it back together with Titebond III and put 3 coats TRUOIL on it. I keep all of my extra bamboo sections so I think I found a tip and mid section. I will be taking some measurements and see if everything fits.

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