derogatory fly names...

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Sorry Paul, I have no intention to be insensitive (sure sounds like it though) and yes I sympathize the topic on a more serious-note. Inclusivity - yes. I believe barrier to entry is the tough one.

I use fishing to get away from societal issues so when they start to creep up, my persona would try to brush it off.

Possibly due to information overload but it is hard to have the capacity of having society press issues on daily life. Of course some warrant more than others.

Ill zip my mouth now.,


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I read the article and am probably oafish enough that I've just never thought about it. I suppose I chuckled the first time I read some of those names of fly patterns and then let it go. I'm not too easily offended. So I am more interested in how women feel about the use of such names for fly patterns, especially women who fish. If it bothers them, then I'll take that as the signal that it's offensive and should be avoided.

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With this Covid thing. People have to much free time because of no work or they don't want to work now because the New Pres will pay them all to stay home. It boils down to people over thinking on subjects that don't mean shit. I just wonder some times why I even bother to read this shit.:(:(


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I had my wife read it.

I think some of it is a perspective type of thing...?

For instance, she was offended with the Barely Legal and the Bottoms Up fly names.

I interpreted the Barely Legal name as, it’s so good it almost should be illegal. She interpreted as something different.
I interrupted the Bottoms Up as a fly the rides hook point up. She did not.

In the end it’s still good to discuss and think about.
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