Wanted 275-325 grain shooting heads, shooting lines.


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Guys, looking for some lightly used of the followings. Grain 275-325.

Rio Intouch Skagit or Spey Trout (head or integrated) 4wt
Rio Elite Skagit Max Power 325 grain
OPST Commando Groove 250-275 grain
OPST Commando Smooth 300 grain
Rio Elite Metered shooting line 20# 032
Light iMOW 5/5 or Pure Skagit Commando Sink tip set.

Open for other offers that meet that grain range. My switch rod is only 10FT long. used to run a 325 intermediate head plus light iMOW 50/50.

Please PM if you have anything to sell and offer all inclusive please.
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