Good old angling quotes


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One of the first rules in fishing is that there are few rules in fishing that resourceful trout do not manage to break.
John D. Voelker


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Grampas answer to a Local Canuk after the guy yelled towards us " play em play em" at Pillar lake in the 60's, wait till I get him in the fuvcn boat, then I'll play with him "


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Said my grandmother, a dyed in the wool salmonid fisher. "Why would you want to fish for bass?"
"If I catch one more I'll have one" said one of my dear departed fishing buddies.
"I caught 2 and one smelt" said same fishing buddy.


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A recent thread made me think to convert this from my flying days.

There are old waders
And bold waders
But there are no old bold waders

I've heard this one for mushroom hunters also...
There are old mycologists.
There are bold mycologists.
There are no old, bold mycologists.


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There are old divers. There are bold divers. There are no old, bold divers.....I'm an old diver. I heard that saying when I was a teenager.

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