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I have two copies of this and hope to get a few more shortly.

Bob Clay - A Man with a Passion for Steelhead, Fly Fishing & Building Bamboo Fly Rods

Art Lingren, 2020, privately published and signed by the author. Paperback, 74 pages, colour photos.

Bob Clay is a deeply passionate steelhead fly fisher who caught his first steelhead on the fly in 1972. Since that time, he has come to know every notable angler, conservationist and government bureaucrat who had anything to do with the steelhead that he loves. His natural evolution was from fly fisher, to fly tyer, to guide and eventually bamboo rod builder. A Bob Clay rod is a treasure.

In this book, Art Lingren, somewhat of a British Columbia steelhead legend in his own right, gives us a closer look into the man who is synonymous with Skeena steelhead. The book is full of beautiful colour photos from Bob’s own collection that showcase his craftsmanship, his devotion to family and friends, and, to Skeena River steelhead.

50 US shipped to the USA. $40 CDN plus $20 postage to Canada. Pay with Paypal.

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