Some advice please ???


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Once Covid-19 is over I hope to reward myself with a once in a lifetime fantasy fly fishing trip.... it is less about the accommodation and more about the fishing for me...if you could go anywhere for a bucket list fishing trip where would it be...thinking Alaska/ Patagonia/ Christmas Island... I can't go to anywhere that I need a Yellow Fever shot (underlying health issue)... soooooo what say you? A link to the site would be a bonus... please and thank you!


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I would seriously consider NZ or Kamchatka.

Sight fishing to 2 foot plus browns would prolly be my be my choice in the end.


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I'd vote for 1st for Patagonia or 2nd for New Zealand, never been to either place but have heard the fishing is great. Not sure whether you'd need to get a Yellow Fever shot but I'm thinking not. I'm getting envious of you and your choices. Have a great trip to where ever you decide to go and keep us posted on your trip..


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I went to a presentation at Red's a few years ago on Patagonia and Jurassic Lake. WOW! If I understood it right, searun browns, and rainbows over 20 pounds in the lake. I spent two weeks on Christmas Island in 2009. WOW! Good luck and enjoy!


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Always wanted to go to Mauritius to sight fish.... big bucks tho and not sure the lingering effects of the fairly recent oil spill but looks incredible from the little I've seen of it virtually - also don't know if it would require the shot....
I'd fish any and all mentioned above in a heartbeat but my true #1 would be on an unlimited timetable starting in the Yukon to Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, Cali... Truck would be dead by then so relax a bit then buy a rust free used one and drive it back to Ontario fishing and sightseeing all the way.


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I looked at the prices for Seychelles and fortunately my GF knows CPR...6.5 days of fishing not including the tips/gratuities....all inclusive, no alcohol, no airfare...the lowest price is 10.5 thousand plus $700 if you are in room by self...Non-fishing partner pays to do it not sure I can justify that to myself... also not sure if I can justify a 31 hour flight for 6.5 days ... Patagonia much more reasonable...


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NZ is a great choice, but you should wait until next winter which is their summer. I have fished South Island & had much success.

Also, consider one of the classic fly lodges in Labrador. It turned out to be a very expensive trip, but the huge Brookies made the trek worthwhile. I fished at 3 Rivers, but there are a number of lodges you can try

Finally, consider fishing for Atlantics in New Brunswick, or Gaspe Peninsula (The fish of a thousand casts, but hooking a 30lb Salmon that was in the Ocean 2 days before is a real experience)

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