Some advice please ???

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NZ is a great choice, but you should wait until next winter which is their summer. I have fished South Island & had much success.

Also, consider one of the classic fly lodges in Labrador. It turned out to be a very expensive trip, but the huge Brookies made the trek worthwhile. I fished at 3 Rivers, but there are a number of lodges you can try

Finally, consider fishing for Atlantics in New Brunswick, or Gaspe Peninsula (The fish of a thousand casts, but hooking a 30lb Salmon that was in the Ocean 2 days before is a real experience)
Second Labrador. Atlantic salmon, massive Brookies (got me some of those way back, when I worked in an iron ore mine in Fermont, Quebec). I would also put Iceland on my bucket list.


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Living on Vancouver Island I have the luxury of some amazing Salmon and Steelhead rivers...lots of Cutties, Rainbow, some big browns, decent Bass, Carp (highly recommended target fish). Salmon...Pink, Chum, Coho and Spring...ironically people probably list where I live as a bucket list fishing destination!


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Iceland is top of my list. Have only seen it from 35,000 feet but it looked perfect for Woolly Mammoth. No bears either for those who like to keep eyes on the fish and not the bushes behind you.

Chic Worthing

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Alaska for monster rainbows that consider you as a good source. Have a friend that feshes there yearly and drifts for nine days and catches steelhead size rainbows daily.

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I don't have much to add as I have not done any of these trips. However Cuba would be really fun. Watched a presentation a couple years back at the Lynwood Fly show.

In addition I would love to catch peacock bass on poppers.

Good Luck on your search, and i hope Covid allows you to go on your trip sooner rather than later.



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If you can sight fish carp you can sight fish bonefish, triggers & trevally on Christmas Island. It's a lot closer than all the locations mentioned except Alaska.

If you've never done tropical saltwater you should, it's cool, it's different and the fish are alot stronger than salmon, steelhead and trout.



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tough to find pure fishing without the accommodations anymore in the really remote stuff, but you can certainly do it on the cheaper side of things. The less remote you are, the less chance to save money but if its truly OIL type trip... Spend it. You cant take it with you.
These are all trips I'd do again or want to do.

New Brunswick Atlantic Salmon to echo another thought. 30+ pound salmon eating a dry fly is amazing. not cheap.
BC Steelhead - Poor mans atlantic salmon fishing in a lot of ways.
NZ Trout - Sight fishing big trout never gets old
Christmas Island - pretty much a fixed cost
Belize or Southern MX - I am in love with permit and tarpon hunting
Cuba - Havent been but would love to.


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If Labrador is in the mix and u are on Van Island then no passport or currency exchange required so you could do it up proper compared to prices u mentioned earlier plus east coast hosts are golden for the most part and beautiful national parks in the area... maybe look at Flowers River, atlantics and giant specs depending on timing.. the new flyfisher did a recent episode there for some promotional footage if interested


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Do you need to be guided ...... some places are just fine un-guided if you are in good shape and have good eyes ie.... New Zealand, Christmas Island , Inagua, Cuba others a boat and a local are definitely an asset.......


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The plus to Eastern Canada is there are a number of rivers available right now that you could not get on in a normal year


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I would go to the South Island of New Zealand, without hesitation.

Make sure you do lots of research, before going. The FlyLife forum is a good resource, for questions that you can't find answers to via Google. March is the best time of year, if that makes any difference for you.

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Christmas Island was my bucket list. I went in 2018 and I am ready to go back again. My trip this year was canceled due to Covid. It's still my first choice but I have been watching Eastern Canada, Labrador in particular. I went to New Zealand several years ago and it was great. My next trip is the Florida Gulf, namely the Keys which was also canceled due to the virus. Scheduled for late May this year. Can barely wait.


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I went to a presentation at Red's a few years ago on Patagonia and Jurassic Lake. WOW! If I understood it right, searun browns, and rainbows over 20 pounds in the lake. I spent two weeks on Christmas Island in 2009. WOW! Good luck and enjoy!
Watched a video on jurassic lake few years back...pretty crazy....the biggest challenge is getting there as it's super remote and then the weather beats the shit out of you! Not saying I wouldnr do it, cuz I would.....I would think if you wanted a similar experience, that is much more easily attainable, Pyramid Lake fits that bill.

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